A small bend caused premature tire wear at the bend
Motorcycle Wheel Large Bend
No problem for our motorcycle truing machine, the only one in the world at this time. Mr Wheels will soon start the sale of this one of a kind, invented by Mr Wheels. This truing machine will put your motorcycle wheel back to factory tolerance.
Wheel on left has factory tolerance, wheel on right has been cut down with a CNC Machine. The operator of the CNC machine removed to much metal tolerance that weakened the wheel, and the smallest pot hole will damage the wheel. Warning, not every one that say we repair wheels, do it with safety in mind. 

Your wheel is peeling, we can fix it. Once a wheel starts  peeling it has to be stripped completely and start over most of the time.


We offer free pick up and deliver service in our area, we service over 75 Deals, Body Shops and Tire Stores. 

Customer had to air up his wheel every day, cause, was a bend on face of the wheel. We trued the wheel, fixed the problem.